Lizabeth Skalski, Artistic Director

"Maybe it's luck or coincidence, but I've found that the greatest people walk through the MSB doors. We share a rich community of support, laughter and progress. I concider my time well spent here".

Brynn O., Graduate

MSB is, first and foremost, a school that teaches children the lessons they need to grow up to be responsible, self-confident adults. MSB teaches our children, every day, how to be flexible in a crisis and how to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps, face the issue head on, and plow confidently forward.

This life-lesson is due in no small part by you and your staff. We, as parents, often role model this behavior for ourchildren and I firmly believe that the MSB staff also models this can-do attitude.

I assume you had no part in the oh-so-timely arrival of the ice storm :-), but you certainly modeled admirable behavior in teaching our kids how to quickly change a role, adapt a dance, switch a costume, and rise to the occasion. For this, you have taught the kids (and us, adults) a great lesson.

Karen K., Parent

I grew up with this studio; becoming the confident dance/actress I am today. Thank you for all the fun times and memories I will keep forever.

Jenny L., Graduate

The past 14 years at MSB have been absolutely amazing. I have grown so much as a person and a dancer. Thank you to all the teachers who have pushed me to work hard and follow my dreams. One of the reasons my time here has been so successful is because of all your love and support.

Rachael M., Graduate

MSB is my second home, not only because of all the hours I spent here, but because I am surrounded by people I consider my family. I will never forget all the fun I had and memories I've made here.

Katie K., Graduate