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Sibley Morosco, Artistic Director


Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

ENCHANTED BALLET(age 3 - participation with guardian - Parks & Rec)

Thursday 10:30-11:15am (8 wk session begins March 25 )

Saturday   9:00-9:45am  (8 wk session begins April 3 )

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (age 4 - w/ guardian supervision - Parks & Rec)

Saturday    10:o0-10:45am  (8 wk session begins April 3)

Ballet 4 & 5 yr olds  (w/ guardian supervision - Parks & Rec)

Tuesday       4:15-5:00pm (8 week session begins March 23)

LEVEL 2                                                                                                 

Ballet       Wednesday           5:00-6:00pm



LEVEL 3     

Ballet     Monday             5:45-7:15pm



One ballet/one contemporary strongly recommended.

Ballet                Monday  5:15-6:45pm

                                     Wednesday   4:45-6:15pm

Contemporary   Friday   5:15-6:15pm

LEVEL 5/6     

Three Classes strongly recommended.

Musical Theater/Contemp.  Tuesday   5:30-7:00pm

Ballet                                                  Thursday   5:00-6:30pm

Character                           Saturday 9:30-11:00am

Ballet                                 Saturday 11:00-12:30am

LEVEL 7-9     

     Three Ballet required for pointe.

Ballet                        Monday   7:15-8:45pm

                                                  Thursday  6:30-8:00pm

                                                  Saturday 11:00-12:30am

                            Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm

Contemporary                  Tuesday     7:15-8:45pm     

Pointe/Pre-pointe      Wednesday  8:00-9:00pm                                                              

LEVEL 9/10

Three ballet classes required for pointe.

Ballet/Character              Monday           7:00-830pm     

Adv. Ballet                              Tuesday          6:15-8:15pm

Ballet                                    Wednesday    6:30-8:00pm

Int/Adv Pointe                  Wednesday    8:00-9:00pm

Contemporary                  Thursday      6:45-8:45pm  

Ballet                                 Saturday        12:45-2:15pm

Adult Ballet                                Friday 10:00-11:30am

Teen Contemporary            Friday 6:30-7:30pm


Student Levels to be determined by the staff.

Class schedule subject to change based on enrollment.

Updated   January 2021

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