Lizabeth Skalski, Artistic Director

The joy of music!  Creative Dance!  Fun!  In these years we guide a child's creative energy by introducing movement through imagery and storytelling.  Jumping like a frog or floating like a cloud challenges a child to use muscles that they don't normally use on the playground. Basic ballet steps, rhythm, dance formations, and classroom etiquette are also introduced.  Dance in these formative years builds self-confidence, a sense of community, and gives children a solid foundation for the more structured curriculum to come in later years.

Ballet 1 & 2 provides children with the core training required for their dance development in later years. Your child will learn greater self-control, discipline, and dedication.  The use of imagery and storytelling continues to act an important tool while the instruction builds on the basic elements of ballet. Students are introduced to the use of the ballet barre and the standard exercises that they will build on throughout these years and their future ballet training.  Ballet posture, footwork, jumping movements, traveling steps, turns and the use of the codified arm movements form the basic structure of the classes.  Level 1 & 2 students attend 1 or 2 classes per week. Level 3 students may continue with the one class per week in the Elementary Division or aim toward the Advanced Division program with two ballet classes and one contemporary class per week.


Main Street Ballet welcomes all students to study dance at whatever level of commitment they feel is right for them.  Students in this division have other interests and choose to not take the full curriculum that is required in the Advanced Program. They want to study dance to enhance their scope in life or to augment their studies for other areas in the performing arts. Students take the same classes as the Advanced Division students, may take any combination of ballet and contemporary dance, and are placed in levels that are appropriate to their ability.  Pointe study is allowed if a student maintains the minimum required number of ballet technique classes.


Participating in this program is a commitment to mastering the art of dance. Students who participate in the Advanced Division program receive the ultimate in benefits; a finely tuned physical instrument with skills and abilities that last a lifetime, self-confidence, mental acuity, poise, and a full appreciation of a detailed and vast art form. A career in dance may not be the ultimate goal but students in this division desire to experience the art form at its fullest, participate fully in the school performances, and receive the benefits of intensive study.  This program prepares students for college level or professional study.  Dancing on pointe is not a requirement for this program. Class requirements - Level 4: three ballet classes per week and at least one contemporary class per week.  Level 5: three ballet classes, pre-pointe, and at least one contemporary class per week.  Level 6 & up: four ballet classes and pointe, variations, and contemporary as proscribed for each level.

BALLET 1, 2, 3 (ages 6-8)

PRE-K & K BALLET  (ages 3-5)